The world’s only feline science superhero? Well, sign me up for that, as you can’t goi wrong with a smartarse cat, and aren’t they all smartarses at heart, eh? Chrono Cat is the brainchild of Stu Perrins, creator of Megatomic Battle Rabbit, and a man who like to have fun with talking animals, it seems.

Chrono cat and his human helpers find themselves up against his arch enemy, the decidedly evil Colonel Krypto. You know he’s not nice when he says “Without power and money life isn’t worth living”. He’s followed by another arch enemy, Luther, a narked off scientist who inadvertently made a simple lab kitty into a crime fighting badass, a badass who has more arch enemies than hairballs, apparently. Oh, and during the accident that created CC, Luther got his mind put into a goldfish, so there’s that…

Of course, the comic is called Chrono Cat, so there’s plenty of timey wimey stuff, plus aliens, a big dinosaur and killer robots, which is quite a lot to stuff into three issues. Kudos must go to artist Armando Zanker, who delivers nicely with a cartoon style that just begs to be made into a Netflix series or something, with CC himself being beautifully realized with a great visual personality. Perrins’ script is pretty tight, and whilst it’s totally all ages he can’t resist a couple of zingers that will be amusing for some teen and up readers.

Whilst Chrono Cat looks and sound like a kids book, it really shouldn’t be limited to that readership. As someone firmly settled in the “old git” phase of life I really enjoyed it. It’s not changing the world (just saving it, natch) but what it is doing is giving any and all comic fans a sweet diversion from real life topped off with a talking cat with a jet pack and guns that go “pew pew pew”. Seriously, what more do you people want!

Chrono Cat is available in hard copy or Kindle etc from January 31st, and gets a big ol’ Comicscene seal of approval for you, your kids or that annoying Nan who says cartoons just aren’t fun any more.

Order from AMAZON here:

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