Katherine Hemmings is a talented lady. Not only is she a rather nifty comic artist, but she also does the best Squirrel Girl cosplay I’ve ever seen. Cosplay, you see, is very important in her life, and this is reflected in a pocket book she did all about the things which is very funny and also informative for people (like me) who have never dressed up and don’t plan on doing so any time soon. The cosplay theme is continued in her new comic “ZomCon”, with issue one easily funded on Kickstarter and now available to the general public. Illustrated by Katherine and written by her and cohorts Karl Hughes and Christopher Meddings. It’s the tale of a comic book convention that gets all, well, zombie infested. The comic is certainly good fun, and the team have actually come up with a novel plot device to explain why people are getting all bitey, green and slurry. We follow a small group at a big convention, and the first issue mainly concerns getting to know them, getting to know the con, and spotting the in jokes that are generally pretty funny. I laughed out loud a few times, especially the description of “Artists Alley” that will tickle anyone who’s ever tried to sell their wares at a similar con. The zombie stuff doesn’t come in until the end, setting up issue two, but the whole thing is a joy to read, and Katherine has a lovely, cartoony style that is full of life (well, until zombies anyway). So I’d definitely recommend this one to anyone who likes fun comics.



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