You may have read the Mahoney’s strip in the ComicScene Annual 2021 (or seen it in the Indie Special given to all ComicScene Comic Club Members) or read their series of comics.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the creators are launching the Hardline Comics’ Annual on Kickstarter.

This will be a 15 day campaign and consist of unpublished short stories from the archives of Hardline Comics.

They have digital tiers, digital bundles, hard copies, stickers and more.


  • Do you root for the villain?
  • Are you fans of books like The Boys, Invincible?
  • Do you like comedies like Animal House or Cheers?

Then this might be up your alley.
This is a fantastic edition for collectors and fans of their comics, plus a great jumping on point for those new to Hardline. It features character origins, a sneak peak at upcoming books and more.

Get notified on launch here