Alex Automatic Collection available now

You may have read the * page Alex Automatic strip in the ComicScene Annual 2021

We are very pleased to announce Alex Automatic Volume One: Where Is My Mind? is available now.

This is a graphic novel collecting the complete opening arc of the award-winning Alex Automatic series.

Featuring 228 pages of pulsating action, it tells the story of Alex Anderson, an agent subjected to a series of illegal experiments to enhance his abilities by a shadowy secret service branch known only as PRISM.

After the process goes horribly wrong, Alex is left trapped inside the delusion that he is the indestructible cyborg super-spy hero of 70’s TV show, ALEX AUTOMATIC.

A TV show that exists entirely inside his own head. When two well-meaning journalists find out about Alex and break him out of secure stasis, they think they’re getting a great story while setting an innocent man free.

They soon realise they have no idea what they’ve unleashed!

Get the book here


Artist: James Corcoran, Writer: Fraser Campbell, Colour Art: David B. Cooper Lettering/design: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Colin Bell, Aditya Bidikar, Rob Jones.

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