Join the History of Comics Society for only £5 a month

Dear all,
This month the ‘ComicScene Comic Club’ has changed to the ‘History of Comics Society’.

Your membership of the History of Comics Society supports independent pubiishing and the Comic History project. We pay writers to contribute to your books, ensuring the best variety and quality content for you that we can. Your monthly membership helps support our designers, artists and writers. Thank you for that.

We appreciate the last year has been tough on everyone. So this month we are introducing a new £5 membership, which has been digital only in the past. Each year (every quarter) for only £5 a month you will now get four History of Comics books in print.

You will also get a new publication. Every three months you will also receive the Best in New and Indie Comics with great comic content. Your membership will also support contributions from comic creators to that publication. A true comic book co-operative.

We are able to do this thanks to our current Kickstarter and Comic Club supporters over the last year. You made this happen!

If you are not a member please do join in August and September 2021 and you will get your first History of Comics books and the first Best of Indie title plus an A4 print of the cover.

We still have the £10 membership (8 books a year and cover prints) and £20 membership (includes Shift Anthology and other extras) if that is of interest.

I hope you can join the History of Comics Society at this great ‘jumping on’ point and continue to support our work.

Join here

Tony F

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