Garth Ennis and I have a long history, from his early days being not that good at Judge Dredd, through watching him find his true calling with Preacher, and then onto The Boys and beyond. He’s always been able to do deadly serious (Caliban) and really daft (A Train Called Love) and all sorts in between, and when he just goes all out for non stop sweary violent fun it’s often a joy to read.

MF:TC is definitely one of those times, now two issues old (of eight). We’re introduced to the titular Marjorie, a sassy and sexy gal who “races up and down the whenevers, grabbing anything likes the look of”. Basically, she bounces around time nicking stuff and having a laugh, swearing like a trooper and blasting people with guns as she goes. She’s in no way a good person, but she’s so much fun you just have to side with her as her sister, a Time Agent, tries to arrest her for Seventeen thousand, one hundred and eighty two temporal violations. In the background are two very evil dudes who want something Marj stole from the library of Alexandria, and the first two issues do a great job of setting everything up.

Artist Goran Sudzuka is a great partner for Ennis once again, after their successful collaboration on A Walk Through Hell. , His clear and slightly comic style that shines during the action sequences, and the character designs are all nicely realized. Ennis himself throws all his potty mouthed glory at the script, and this one certainly ain’t for the kids. I think anyone who enjoyed the wonderful Jimmy’s Bastards will feel very at home here, but anyone coming for a serious comic may be a wee bit disappointed.

The first two issues are a sparkling start to what looks like being another Ennis classic. No doubt we’ll get plenty of time twisting plot f**kery in the remaining six, and I for one am looking forward to it.

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