Commando at 60

Brand new Commando issues 5443-5446 are out!

Starting the summer celebrations for Commando’s 60th anniversary on the 27th of June, this set features a special reprint of #1 as well as skirmishes on the Eastern Front and North African desert, and a Commando debut from a fantastic new writer.
And don’t miss the next two sets of Commando as the 60 th celebration continues with four brand-new stories out on the 24th of June, with exclusive art cards included for subscribers, then four classic issues voted for by fans which have never been reprinted and with brand-new covers, on sale from the 8th of July.

5443: Home of Heroes: We Are the Winter
Operation Barbarossa — when the Germans betrayed their Soviet allies and invaded Russia.
They had the might of the Third Reich behind them and summer on their side. But seasons change quickly in Russia…
Partisan leader Olga Goncharova was not afraid of the Germans. She stormed her enemies, cold and deadly as ice, swift as arctic winds. She would be the winter. She would be merciless.
Commemorating 80 years since the infamous Operation Barbarossa, Andrew Knighton’s story focuses not only the Russian soldiers retreating through their homeland, but the civilians who are caught in the path of the changing front lines.
| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Khato | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5444: Gold Collection: Walk — or Die!

Kicking off Commando’s 60 th anniversary celebrations this summer is a very special issue — Commando #1 but as you’ve never seen it before, with an Ian Kennedy cover! A legend in British comics and synonymous with the Commando brand, Ian Kennedy’s cover breathes new life into the classic issue, making this a sought after comic for any collection.
The story you know centres on Corporal Tom Gerrard of the Royal Tank Corps, who was just an ordinary bloke, easy‑going and cheerful, and the man who would be his nemesis — Colonel Karl Oberth of the Tenth Panzer Division, a typical Nazi officer, brutal and unforgiving. Somewhere on the limitless, scorching inferno of the Western Desert, Fate decided that their tank tracks should cross — and the rest is history!
Just make sure you pick up the next set of Commandos out 24 th of June which includes the long awaited sequel to #1, ‘Die — Or Walk’, concluding the epic rivalry between Gerrard and Oberth.
| Story | Castle | Art | Garcia | Cover | Ian Kennedy|
Originally Commando No. 1 (1961).

5445: Action and Adventure: The Disruptors
Behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany, agents Mary Western and Stephen Mailer must disrupt and, where possible, steal enemy technology. Where any advancement could give their adversaries the edge, this group of heroes known only as “The Disruptors” must use their wits to prevent the Axis from getting the upper hand — even investigating the prototype for the dreaded Me 163!
EMMY-nominated writer Mike Garley’s premier Commando is subversive and tense, taking its time to build the characters and their dynamics in this tale of subterfuge and sabotage, aided by Muller and Klacik’s gritty interiors and Neil Roberts intriguing cover art.
| Story | Mike Garley | Art | Muller and Klacik | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5446: Silver Collection: A Fighting Chance
To stay alive in war you’ve got to have an edge over your opponent, something that can swing the odds in your favour. It might be the element of surprise, or a hidden weapon, but it’s always something that puts you one jump ahead and keeps you alive.
When he was taken prisoner, Lieutenant Neil Bell’s edge seemed to be his ability to navigate the desert, but what he was relying on was a piece of information which gave him a clear advantage over his captors.
And he wasn’t telling anyone what it was!
The second Ian Kennedy cover in this set, Kennedy masterfully intertwines blues and greens in his desert cover, offering a tense shot of the action inside.
| Story | CG Walker | Art | Cruz | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1683 (1983).

Don’t forget we celebrate Commando in the History of Comics 2020 when we take a look at the story behind Colin Maxwells first Commando story.

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