The 77 Issue 5 is the first ComicScene Indie Comic of the Week

The first ComicScene Indie Comic of the Week for your collection is the 77 Issue 5. If you don’t have a copy you can buy it in the ComicScene Comic Shop here.

Each week ComicScene will publish the Indie comics you should have in your collection. Find out first every Tuesday morning this weeks Indie Comic of the week by subscribing to our email newsletter here.

The 77 was one of the Top 20 Comics in 2020 in the ComicScene Poll. 5 stars from Howies website. 10/10 from Geek Culture. ComicScene think this is the best issue yet.

Featuring V by Steve Bull and Ade Hughes, the final part of Dave Bedfords and Ben Macleods Trackless Depth, Paul Goodenough and Ian Stopforth on Extinction 2040, Chi77er ‘I Know The Secret of An Alien’ by Mike Powell and Mike Collins, Bambos Georgiou and Andrew Sawyers The Cell, Division77 by Dave Heeley and Gary Burley, Jeremy Dunn on Undertow, Penny Pentagram by David Thomas and Jon Roydon, Bredon Wright on Martian Law, Lew Stringer’s Sgt Shouty of the Moon Force, Red by Night Black By Day by Jo Heeley. Cover by Neil ‘Blackbird’ Sims.

£6.95 plus £3 postage here.

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