KICKSTARTER FOCUS – CRACKPOT, the new all ages comic

Launched on Kickstarter Sat 29th May 2021, Crackpot is a bridge between modern comics like The Phoenix and classics like Krazy, Whoopee and Buster. Put together by the cream of British Indie comics, it’s a bit of a random mix but hopefully a lot of fun as well. With more strip pages than either The Phoenix or The Beano, it’s got ten stories that cover plenty of ground.

Masterminded by Sentinel creators Ed Doyle (art) and Alan Holloway (writer), they’re joined by writer Michael Carroll (2000AD) and writer/artist John Farrelly (Deadly Irish History) as well as artists Morgan Gleave, Paul Spence, Stephen Matthews, David Metcalfe-Carr and Andrew Richmond – names familiar to readers of the likes of The 77, Blazer and Brawler among others.

The strips themselves are a varied bunch, with all but one being just for laughs. The odd one out is Tammy’s Troubles, a serious two pager in the centre that follows a homeless girl who has a knack for football. Named as a tribute to Roy Of The Rovers strip Tommy’s Troubles, it hearkens back to the days where some comics would include a more realistic strip, such as Marney The Fox and The Leopard From Lime St in Buster.

Another interesting feature is the size. Instead of the A4 favoured by traditional kids comics they’ve gone for U.S size, the same as Marvel comics. The reason is because it will make the comic a little different, and also so it will fit nicely into standard comic bags and boxes. That’s what we hope, anyway.

The Kickstarter campaign runs from Saturday 29th May to Saturday 3rd July. The goal of £600 is quite low, but will allow a small print run. The more they get, the more copies they can make, and maybe chuck a few quid to some creators. They’re not in this for the money, but “simply because everyone involved loves creating comics that bring a smile to readers faces”.

That’s gotta be worth shouting about, right?

Click on the “K” in the video below to view the campaign

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