Atomic to return

Publishers of ComicScene have announced plans to relaunch Atomic, the 80s/90s Zine, alongside other developments during the next twelve months.

Dez Skinn reviews Atomic in Comics International from 1991

Atomic, based in Scotland, published 14 issues as part of the comic zine scene on the 80’s and 90’s. It included early work by Simon Fraser, Garry Marshall and John Erasmus amongst others (who all returned to contribute to the ComicScene Annual 2019). The new Atomic will be a one off special with all new material. This will be followed by the previously announced Saturday Comic Box project.

The publisher has reopened submissions and is looking for stand alone Indie Stories, Adventure, Sci Fi, Time Travel, War, Crime, Horror, Magic, Fantasy, Heroes, Manga, Love and Romance. Complete can be 2 to 12 pages in length for the proposed A4 format comics. The publisher is also looking for newspaper style / half page and full page humour stories for an additional secret project still in development. All stories in Atomic and the Saturday Comic Box will remain creator owned and launched on Kickstarter. Email by end of June 2021. Tony said, “We have been working with flops comics to make a visually exciting line of comics and just as we did with Atomic 35 years ago I hope to find some exceptional talent with fantastic stories to tell. These could be stories you have to hand, new stories, experimental stories or featuring established comic characters, as we did in the ComicScene Annual 2021.”

The ComicScene website has been revamped and the new look ComicScene Newsletter will announce an ‘Indie Comic of the Week’ in every issue and where to buy it. Publisher Tony Foster recently said, “We have used the great ‘Comics International’ as our inspiration for the new digital offering. Although we will be publishing our own comics we also intend to continue to promote the best in new and indie comics too. This is an exciting and vibrant time and anything we can do to help we will.” Sign up for the newsletter here

Comics International has been used as ‘inspiration’ for the new ComicScene email newsletter

In June the next four editions of the History of Comics featuring 1971, 1976, 1991 and 2020 are due to be published. They can be pre-ordered via GetMyComics or the ComicScene Comic Shop now. The ComicScene Annual 2021 is also available in softcover on both websites, featuring 22 all new stories from top indie creators.

The ComicScene team have also announced they intend to publish the Best of ComicScene, celebrating the best in British Comics, to accompany the History of Comics and the Crikey! Collection. This will be the perfect book for Christmas 2021 with the intention to publish new specials of the magazine in 2022.

Meantime ComicScene and ComicScene publications will have a newsstand presence as part of Shift and the Comic Club will continue with those signing up for the print option due to get the forthcoming ComicScene Summer Sampler featuring the best in current indie comics including Brawler, SpaceWarp, Sentinel, The 77 and more! Join the Club here.

ComicScene Annual 2031 softcover on sale now

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