Spidey and Batman back on newsagent shelves

Amazing Spider-Man launches on 25th March priced at only £2.99
48 pages every 4 weeks
Running two stories every issue, continuing with Nick Spencer’s run, on the HUNTED story arc.

Marvel Universe X-Men launches on 15th April
£7.99 for 112 pages every 4 weeks
Ushering in Jonathan Hickman’s incredible Dawn of X story arcs, and kicking off with House of X and Powers of X, we’ll run through all the supercool tie-ins (Marauders, Hellions etc), presenting the stories in the intended reading order, as we arrive at X of Swords and beyond.

(DC) Batman Guardian of the Night launches on the 6th May
£2.99 for 48 pages every 4 weeks
Launching with James Tynion’s Batman run and ably backed-up by Brian Michael Bendis’ Batman Universe.

Marvel Essentials launches on the 27th May
£7.99 for 112 pages every 4 weeks
Featuring Dan Slott and Al Ewing’s epic Avengers/Fantastic Four EMPYRE storyline, and Donny Cates’ VENOM story arcs, this is the title where the big events and crossovers will feature (unless it’s X-Men). There will also be the odd surprise from the editors, given the wealth of great material coming from Marvel right now

New titles available from supermarkets, newsagents and online at store.panini.co.uk

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