Following on from an article earlier today (about this title being just £1.50 now), it seemed apprpriate to see whether forking out minimal monies for Joshua Spiller and Dave Thomson’s 22 page sci fi oddity is a good idea or not.

“Time Fracture” is a self contained story in glorious technocolour, and first impressions certainly bode well, as Thomson’s art is bright, bold and beautifully clear, with the whole thing laid out in a digital friendly widescreen format. There’s seven three page chapters, and if I’m honest I was drowning not swimming for the first few, as I was sure I’d missed something.

You see, readers are thrown right in at the proverbial deep end, with an un-named woman with an un-named beaverish alien (I assume) who for reasons (pronbably) is in a sack. As you go on it becomes more clear, and the woman is revealed as Orissa at the beginning of chapter two, with the odd rodent thing given the name Piedmont. Who they are, and how did she invent then lose an AI is never made clear, and as the reader you just have to go with the premise. They basically have to track down the AI, called A.E.X (no idea why), a robot who has decided to ‘fix’ the galaxy – but can they stop it?

To find out what A.E.X plans, if it succeeds and, uh, other stuff, you have to buy the comic. Truth told I did enjoy it, and it does look lovely throughout, but it feels like two issues worth of story has been stuffed into one issue. We don’t know anything about the protagonists or the galaxy they inhabit, really. Dialogue is pretty snappy, though there’s a few info dump sequences that slow things right down. At heart, it’s a very creative idea that makes the reader think about what’s just happened, but the execution could be better from a writing point of view.

Is it worth £1.50? Hell, yeah. It’s a well made comic with a serious central point and some interesting ideas. If you like digital (it’s only in that format) and want to try something new, then you could do a lot worse. Me? I’ll wait for the director’s cut.

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