Quite why BOOM Studios thought a comic project with Keanu Reeves’ name behind it needed to be funded via Kickstarter is between them and their Cayman Islands bank account, but as it made about a kajillion dollars, it’s safe to say this has been quite the anticipated book. Just a bit.

Reeves has teamed up with experienced comic writer Matt Kindt here, and as for how much he actually contributed I guess we’ll never know for sure, but what we do now is the two must have sore backs from all the slapping from the other partner recently. So the important question is: Is it any good?

The simple answer is “yes”, as “BRZRKER” is certainly eye catching and a good, violent read that sees it’s forty pages zip by, mainly because there’s a ton of action before we get to the talky bits at the end. The title character is a seemingly immortal warrior who bears more than a passing resemblance to John Wick without the suit, and this dude can rip through enemies like Wolverine after someone stole all his beer. What we find out is that this guy is working with the U.S government, murdering at their command, and also that he wants to be able to die. Not that he wants to die, you understand, but just to be able to, something denied to him. Why? Well, I guess we’ll find out in later issues, meaning this should have some depth to it rather than just a mad slugfest every issue. Hopefully…

Art-wise, Ron Garney does a good job portraying the action, reminding me of John Romita Jr’s work on Kick Ass minus the spandex. It’s grim and gritty where necessary, with eye catching colour. Overall, “BRZRKR” is a pretty decent start, giving the reader a good dollop of action followed by a mystery to keep them coming back. If it wasn’t for Reeves’ involvement this wouldn’t make much of a splash in the comics pond, but at least it’s a decent product to back up all the hype.

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