History of Comics break Previous Kickstarter Target in one week – pledge your support now

With four weeks to go we have already raised £3500 in one week of our £9000 goal for the History of Comics Project Phase 2. It took three weeks to hit that target in our first kickstarter. We are kickstarting phase 2 and it would be great if we could get your continued support here http://kck.st/3pTjZjG

The History of Comics is a major book series and project by ComicScene. Each issue focusses on a particular year and will build up to be a significant and collectable piece of work, book style, available in optional slipcases and posted out 3 times a year for you to ‘binge read’.

Written by top comic writers, journalists, academics, creators and people who just love comics there will be 100 books in total. Capturing the culture of the year and the stories behind the comics from the UK, US and rest of the world from 1930 to the present day.

The next four books in the series capture 2020, 1991, 1976 and 1971. As well as capturing Comic History from 1930 to 2030 we will go back to comic work as far back as the 16th Century! You can also get the first four books 1984, 1977, 1950 and 1986 as part of the kickstarter.

The covers have all been exclusively designed by @flopscomics with @_TheBurgh and inside feature articles about the titles, characters, publishers and creators that defined a generation of comic fans. These books will have limited edition print runs to make them very collectable.

Every new and continuing kickstarter sign up to the collection will get an exclusive membership card to a Comic Club with exclusive online access to more material.

So please make sure you join the kickstarter early and promote it to your networks. You can help us reach our goal by 1st April 2021. Pledge here and thank you for your support http://kck.st/3pTjZjG

If it’s not for you, but you like the idea, you can also donate any amount you wish. It’s the first option at the kickstarter.

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