Robyn Hood is a character spun off from Zenescope Comics’ “Grimm Fairy Tales” line, and has, amazingly, been knocking about pretty constantly since 2012. Whilst ostensibly a comic about a strong girl who takes no crap from men and, indeed, kills bad guys without compunction, that image has been constantly shat on over the years by the MANY cheesecake covers and the fact that her costume makes sure to show her cleavage and midriff. This is why I’ve avoided it all this time, but I deceded to have a bash at this new two parter.

“Iron Maiden” concerns a poweful sicko called (wait for it) Jerry Wepstein. Jerry is in the habit of trafficking young girls to a private island and, well, you know the rest. So there we have a nice cardboard cutout bad guy for Robyn to battle. The titular Iron Maiden is an odd one, as a cursed actual iron Maiden (the torture device, not the band) can turn girls shoved into it into powerful vengeance machines. Why a bad guy would ever want to do this is beyond me, as said girl (who calls herself Iron Maiden) is after his ass.

From her very beginnings, Robyn is shown as having no problems in killing bad guys, and it’s good to see nine years on she carries on being herself – tits, midriff and killing frenzies complete. She originally comes from the world of Myst, but these days it seems she’s really just another heroine with a bow, basically Green Arrow with boobs and a mean streak. “Iron Maiden” is readable, and entertaining enough to finish, but it’s pretty hollow stuff in the end. Here’s a bad guy, oohhhh, he’s SO bad! Look! Robyn will get him! Plot twist! New powered girl for no reason! Sort out bad guy, leave cliffhanger for next adventure. Done.

The writing, by the characters creator Joe Brusha, is adequate, and Renato Rei’s clear art is boosted by Grostieta’s vibrant colours. It really is a very attrcative comic, with the nice art and sexy covers making it stand out from the crowd, not to mention the cool name and dynamic lead character. I sort of enjoyed reading it, enough to track down Robyn’s initial five issue origin to see where she came from (spoiler: It’s a Robin Hood rip off but with more evil men). I’m sure existing fans will enjoy “Iron Maiden”, but those curious should be aware that it’s a pretty run of the mill series wrapped up with a very attractive bow.

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