This one starts with a fascinating premise, that Locvecraft was tasked with reimagining the classic fairy tale in a gruesome and adult way, yet it was never published, the notes ony recently coming to light. Could this be true? Well, no, it’s utter bobbins but certainly draws you in to tis, part one of the adaptation of the nonexistent manuscript.

Set during Lovecraft’s time (early 20th Century), we are introduced to Omorphia (Greek for Beauty, natch), an archeology student in America. Through quite a lengthy set up that sometimes confuses, sometimes entertains, she ends up travelling to the house of an ex alumni known as The Beast (well, duh) and we wait to see what happens next. There’s more to it, of course, but essentially that’s where this first issue takes us.

One thing that may irritate people is the use of Lovecraft’s name, as of course he has nothing to do with this. Writer/Artist Trevor Markwart tries to write like Lovecraft, and is doing his best to channel the author, but I do find things like this a bit of an insult at times. As a result, it’s a wordy issue. Legend, magic and myth are thrown at the reader, along with nightmare creatures and the staple of anyone trying to copy Lovecraft – Cthulu. Some of the dialogue feels very off, though mostly it does the job, as does Markwarts art, which is a bit rough but works without any problems for the reader.

“HP Lovecraft’s Beauty & The Beast” is certainly good enough to find an audience, and Markwart has done an effective job of creating a mythos and delivering a sound, if overwrought, first issue. Whilst I’m not overly excited by it I can appreciate the work that’s gone into it and it passes the acid test of making me see what happens next.

Issue 2 is on kickstarter for four more days, with issue 1 available as a reward

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