ComicScene Review: The Angry Planet

I was a big fan of the short lived Tornado. I remember many of the strips. So imagine my surprise when I discovered The Angry Planet appeared in its very pages. I had no recollection of it whatsoever.

That’s the beauty of Hibernia and this ‘Fleetway Files’, their first official partnership with Rebellion and the Treasury of British Comics. They pick a nugget that perhaps didn’t register with readers and share it one more time to the world.

I nearly didn’t get it. I do understand why people like the art of Belardinelli but his work never registered with me and strips like Ace Trucking Co I’d always read last (or avoid) in 2000AD and I preferred Gibbons work on Dan Dare.

He does bring something unique and the Angry Planet has pieces of genius throughout this alien world. Alan Hebden script has themes which resonate today – megalomaniacs, corporate greed, environmental disasters, racism and persecution. Indeed the concepts would perhaps be a little over my 10 year old head but read as an adult are enjoyable.

The production on this collection (as always) is first rate, I’d love to know the story behind the credit in one episode going to G Miller – the strip itself going down to three rather than four or five pages suggesting an edit of something. Do marvel how Hebden manages to wrap up the story probably in full knowledge of Tornado’s untimely demise.

I believe this title is nearly sold out but if you want one get it here.

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