What’s new pussycat? Sentinel Issue 6 comes to Kickstarter 1st February 2021.

There are a number of wonderful things about these comics. They are affordable. Fun. And a complete story.

Although the original idea was to be inspired by Sci Fi comic ‘Starblazer’ the Sentinel crew are now exploring fantasy and horror too and the format really suits any genre.

Including talking animals.

‘Bad Kitty’ has all the hallmarks of a Roger Corman B movie rather than a Russ Meyer flick with a chunk of Hanna Barbera thrown in for good measure. If only the cats and dogs had taken heed of the Public Information Films of the 1970s there may have been far less blood shed.

Alan Holloway’s script moves along – no cat napping there – and artist Morgan Gleave is, quite frankly, the dogs bollocks on art duty. All in all a great comic for when it rains, erm, cats and dogs. Support this title – buy two and use one for the cats litter tray.