ComicScene Review – Harker: The Book Of Solomon

Another publication secured via Kickstarter during lockdown, “Harker” concerns the titular detective himself, accompanied by his partner in solving crime DS Critchley. In this volume there’s been a couple of murders, naturally, and our heroes are trying to get to the bottom of it. this leads them to a very odd secret socity and satanism and that sort of piffle, and it’s all very entertaining indeed.

It has to be said that all this is nothing new. Detective stories are ten a penny, especially ones that take a wee supernatural turn that involves ritualism and the like. despite all this, “Harker” succeeds, and that success is purely down to it’s two main creators. Writer Roger Gibson gives the two leads distincy personalities, with the more dour Harker offset by Critchley’s lighter tone, and the dialogue is first class. The banter on the pages interested me more than the story to be honest, although the story itself is not to be sniffed at either. Art is provided by industry veterak Vincent Danks, and it’s really quite lovely. he manages a clean but also slightly sketchy effect, with many real life London locations coming to life very well. The nature of the story means there’s nothing flashy required, but it all just fits together so well the lack of flash is welcome.

The only negative thing I have to say about “Harker: The Book Of Solomon” is that it’s part one. I want part two, and I want it NOW! A thoroughly enjoyable story, beautifully written and illustrated, this one for anyone who likes detective fiction, and may yet get aunt Doris into comics.

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