Comic book preview: Hope…Under Fire.

Comic book preview: Hope...Under Fire.

Hope…Under Fire is the second adventure for Malory Hope and is set in an alternative 1940’s USA. With the Allied victory of WW2 being achieved by means of the Occult, magic is now an everyday thing.

Writen by Guy Adams and exquisitly drawn by Jimmy Broxton, Hope…Under Fire takes Hope to an alternate New York City. Hope’s in New York trying to track down a former Army colleague who’s attempted to use magic to climb the New York crime scene.

It’s an alt-history, supernatural tale, all set within a gritty detective noir.

Originally serialised as part of 2000 AD Progs 2150-2161, this collection brings the entire Hope…Under Fire story together in one complete package.

First introduced in Hope…For The Future, former NYPD cop, Malory Hope is now a Private Detective operating out of Los Angeles. Hope is one of many magic users within this alt-reality, and it’s fair to say that magic has destroyed Hopes life. Hope spends most of his days searching for his missing Wife and Son. In this fruitless search he’s now become “attached” to the Demon, Cayde, who’s taken up residence in Hope’s soul.

In Hope…Under Fire, Hope is back in New York and is on the trail of former comrade, Alberto Modi. Modi is also a magic user, who’s illicit use has drawn him into New York’s criminal underbelly. Modi uses his wartime past with Hope to drag him into Modi’s life of crime.

Hope…Under Fire is an incredibly detailed detective noir. Both Adams and Broxton have created a world that’s full of the dark and mysterious. Hope’s world is incredibly like our own, except from a few subtle differences and it makes for a terrific read. Thrillers aren’t new for comic books but Hope…Under Fire takes it to another level.

Jimmy Broxton brings an incredible amount of detail to his black & white art, which really is a spectacular wonder. Every panel is full of life and character that not only brings the characters to life but New York as well.

Hope…Under Fire will be available via the 2000 AD webshop and bookstores from January 19th 2021.

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