ComicScene 2020 Review – vote for your fave comics and your views so far!

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We are also reviewing the year – see January 2020 here – February follows tomorrow!

You’ve also been giving your comments to us about 2020 – here are some of them. More to follow!

It’s been a superb year for British Indie Comics.

Honourable mentions for SpaceWarp and Shift. It’s like being a kid again and realising there is more than just the Beano.

Loving the History of Comics Kickstarter set.

Mainstream comics have become too stale. The indie and zine scene need more coverage.

Indie comics are the way to go. What a year its been.

It has been such a good year.

Some nice indie titles out, especially from the UK.

Some cracking publications out this year. Billionaire Island. The Man Who Effd Up Time. Department of Truth. Savage Dragon. Dying is Easy. Maestro. Join the Future. Impressed by Aftershock and Image.

Indie scene is on fire.

2020 has been a bizarre year but the self published titles have really impressed me. It’s the most exciting time since the mid 80’s. So much talent producing amazing material.

2020 may have sucked for most of us but the indie comicscene has exploded into life with so many titles to choose from.

First time I’ve liked more indies than come from the majors. The king is dead. Long live the king.

There were some excellent specials and reappearance of old favourites like Battle and Action.

Honourable mentions for SpaceWarp and Killing Moon. Indie comics and 2000AD save lockdown while the yanks capped their pants.

I discovered a lot of indie comics and kickstarters.

So many titles cancels. Hellblazer didnt deserve it. British comics had a renaissance. The Prog had one of its most creative years in record, as did the Meg. Shift appeared and was sensational. Pat Mills SpaceWarp as good as I hoped. 77 turned up and got better with each issue. Sentinel delivered in spades. Dogbreath/Zarjaz kept going and both scrotnig every time.

Could have more spotlight on POC and/or LGBTQ+ authors, artists and stories.

X-Men actually got good again this year.

Hats off to the 77 and Shift. Break out comics of the year and the first time since the likes of Strip.

A great year for indies including Time Bomb Comics and Kult creations.

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