ComicScene Review: SpaceWarp

Finally I have SpaceWarp Issue 1 in my grubby little hands. Sure, it was available to read in digital but I’m ‘old school’ so couldn’t get my head around that pre print launch and providing an early review.

Since Pat Mills started to make noises about comics having forgotten the kids (including a number of articles in our very own ComicScene) this publication has been festering in the background, bubbling away, raising expectations. I’m sure fans of Pats work and 2000AD have been purchasing it in bucket loads but, as indicated on a recent Facebook live cast, Pat has a plan to get it into the hands of ‘the kids’ in the new year. He’s not sharing what it is but it will be interesting to watch.

I expect he might succeed. Some thought has gone into this anthology. The stories are all linked via the SpaceWarp. All stories are written by Pat. All have different artists who work with a certain black and white style that suggests an element of cohesion. The Warp Lords set up the title in the prologue and then we have elements of Sci Fi and Brit dark humour throughout. I loved Jurassic Punx, set in 70’s Liverpool with dinosaurs roaming the streets. That probably gives you a flavour of the title.

Is it kid friendly? As I said I’m ‘old school’ so I don’t believe our humour comics shouldn’t be subversive (I know the characters could be naughtier than me but the even naughtier kids always got their just desserts in the end – and David Walliams is making a book career out of such stories!). I never had a problem with violence in comics either – the truth is dinosaurs can mess you up. Get over it! I mean, we are talking the ‘Ted’ generation here. And I’m not talking about educational talks. So comics with a little edge and no preaching for 8 year old plus are okay. There is a gap after DogMan it’s true – just how do you fill it?

So I’m prepared to wait until the next issue if the title needs some time to grow beyond the audience of usual suspects (yes, I’m talking about you and me here!). Its going to be some ride!

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