The History of Comics – the full contents of the first four books revealed

The History of Comics is available in digital from Monday 30th November and in print shortly after to kickstarter supporters, online purchasers and Comic Club members. All details of how to get your copies here – you can buy each book monthly in print or digital.

Each perfect bound book features one year in comics. The first four books will be available all at the same time to binge read. They feature 1984, 1977, 1950 and 1986. Written by comic writers, journalists, comic bloggers, fans and academics this will build up to be the definitive comic library for all Comic Club members. Join here to subscribe and get your membership card with unique membership number too!

Here are details of the contents in the History of Comics Books One to Four.


Culture and Comics in 1984

The Top 10 Comics You Must Own from 1984

The Comic Museum 1984 – Comic artefacts, memorabilia and fandom

Scream the Inside Story by Barrie Tomlinson

Ian Gibson Halo Jones Interview

Transformers Enhanced

The Roots of Alan Moore – Swamp Thing

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Supergirl the Movie

Arnie Roth from Captain America

1984 Comic Reviews

1984 Comic Facts


Culture and Comics in 1977

The Top 10 Comics You Must Own from 1977

The Comic Museum 1977 – Comic artefacts, memorabilia and fandom

John Wagner Life Before 1977

The Strange Birth of 2000AD and Judge Dredd

Heavy Metal 1977

X Men John Byrne

Star Wars Weekly

Cerebus the Aardvark

1977 Comic Reviews

1977 Comic Facts


Culture and Comics in 1950

The Top 10 Comics You Must Own from 1950

The Comic Museum 1950 – Comic artefacts, memorabilia and fandom

Dan Dare and Eagle

Strange Adventures


Lana Lang

Marvel Boy

The Senate Subcommittee Hearings on Comic Books

1950 Comic Reviews

1950 Comic Facts


Culture and Comics in 1986

The Top 10 Comics You Must Own from 1986

The Comic Museum 1986 – Comic artefacts, memorabilia and fandom




The Strange Story of Metalzoic

‘Mazing Man

The ‘Nam

Frank Miller, Elektra and Born Again

Howard the Duck

1986 Comic Reviews

1986 Comic Facts

Don’t forget you can still get the new Shift comic and ComicScene Annual as part of the Comic Club too.

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