History of Comics and Comic Club Preview

The History of Comics 1930 to 2030 is launched this month – a new Partwork from ComicScene. Perfect bound the History of Comics is also the official monthly book of the new Comic Club. You can join here.

The first four volumes featuring 1984, 1977, 1950 and 1986 will be sent to all Comic Club members to ‘binge read’ soon. Here’s a preview of the 1950 book and what to expect in each issue.

Each issue opens with Comics and Culture by John McShane. This takes a look at the comic industry, landmark comics, films, TV, history, culture and society during each featured year.
The Books feature the top ten comics from each featured year you have to own. Richard Bruton helps guide you through what you should be looking out for in bookshops, auctions, online sites or comic shops.
Imagine if you can a National Comic Museum. Of course there would be comics. But other things too! Scripts, original artwork, sketches, adverts, event flyers and posters, toys, memorabilia, photographs of fans with comics and with creators. The empty frame is there for your content in future books or for the password protected section of our website where we will feature more of your comic
memories, website and blog links, videos and podcasts and additional articles about each featured year. Richard Sheaf is the Museum Curator.
The History of Comics series will feature comics worldwide but there are two distinct sections covering U.K. and US comics.
Newspaper strips will feature.
Comic books that have been reintroduced to modern day readers will be revisited.
The origins of classic comic characters that became icons to millions of fans will be uncovered.
The books also unmask some surprises you may be unaware of or have forgotten about.
We are very pleased to have top writers, comic journalists, bloggers and academics from across the globe contributing to this new set of books which promises to be a major collection for all comic fans and members of the Comic Club.
The review section goes into more detail about other classic comics and books on comics you might want to explore from the featured year.
We also present some interesting comic facts from the featured year and before the 1930’s you can amaze your pals with!
Of course it’s a major task to feature all comics in this series of books and our password protected section of the website will feature any further articles, memories, memorabilia, artwork or links for each featured year that we receive. Send to comicsceneuk@gmail.com
You can get membership of the Comic Club anywhere in the world in digital for only £5 a month here
For £10 a month you get the History of Comics in print (choose the £20 option if overseas). Order here.
For £15 a month you can add Shift, the new comic anthology, which also includes ComicScene pages looking at modern comics. Order here.
For £20 a month we also add our ComicScene Specials including the ComicScene Annual 2021. Order here.
We think Comic Club Membership makes an ideal Christmas Gift. Or if you just want individual issues get them at Get My Comics here.

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