The Horrors of War

Something wicked this way comes as Commando’s Halloween specials crawl out from inside the crypt! Commando issues 5379-5382— out now!

5379: Home of Heroes: Commandos vs Zombies 2
They say you can’t keep a good man down — and these blokes just won’t die! We’re straight out of the grave with the first of Commando’s creepy Halloween specials, as the dead rise again in Georgia Standen Battle’s issue 5379 ‘Commandos vs Zombies 2’, the dreaded reanimated sequel!
Since the death of his best friend on his last raid in Norway, Commando Sergeant Leo Manktelow has been a haunted man, eaten up by guilt. But the past soon comes back to bite him as he ends up face to face with someone who should have really stayed dead!
With an eerie cover from Neil Roberts and frighteningly-good interior art from horror expert Vicente Alcazar, this Commando will have you hungry for more!
| Story | Georgia Standen Battle | Art | Vicente Alcazar | Cover | Neil Roberts |
5380: Gold Collection: Black Squadron
A classic gold-era Commando comic from 1967, ‘Black Squadron’ features some of the best Commando talent with amazing interiors from Gordon C Livingstone and an outstanding Ken Barr cover. But let’s not leave out McOwan’s storytelling which takes us on a trip like no other! A case of mistaken identity is ten-fold when young Pilot Officer Jack Turner borrows his Squadron Leader’s aircraft and uses it to shoot down the dreaded leader of the Black Squadron — Major Von Dorn!When the Black Squadron swear vengeance on the pilot in the spitfire with the emblem of the red mailed fist – you can bet there will be hell to pay!
| Story | McOwan| Art | Gordon C Livingstone | Cover | Ken Barr |
Originally Commando No. 281 (1967).
5381: Action and Adventure: Operation Silver Bullets
What beasts are hiding in the dark of Chateau Epouvantail? Nazis — yes — but also strange soldiers with fur, big ears and even bigger teeth! These monstrous men can see in the dark, smell your blood from a mile away — and would give even the toughest Commando nightmares!

Operation Silver Bullets is the debut of secretive writer KEK-W, whose gruesome tale will have you shivering while Tom Foster’s terrific cover will have you shrieking for more!
| Story | KEK-W | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | Tom Foster |
5382: Silver Collection: Castle of Darkness
There’s nothing like a haunted castle in the middle of occupied Czechoslovakia to spice up a mission, but the British special service agents weren’t going to let a little ghost problem get in the way of saving a scientist from the monstrous Nazis! But things get really weird when the castle turns out to be full of spectres — who are on their side!
With a story from Mary Feldwick — queen of kooky Commando stories — and excellent artwork from Fleming and Ian Kennedy, this is a comic that’ll haunt you if you miss it!
| Story | Feldwick | Art | Fleming | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1642 (1982).

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