ComicScene Review: The Department of Truth Issue 1

Having ‘left’ comics while family took over and returned to the fold a few years ago it still amazed me that the best selling books and those with longevity remained those from the mid 80’s – Killing Joke, The Watchmen, Dark Knight et al.

This year perhaps that will change. I think the Impending Blindness of Billie Scott by Zoe Thorogood will mature like a fine wine for example. But there is one writer who has created books that, to me, are up there with the best.

James Tynion IV ‘Something Is Killing The Children’ will be the pivotal read that kids will pick up when they outgrow their all ages comic books (unless Manga nabs their interest first!). The second will be his new title ‘The Department of Truth’.

To culture vultures like myself it is quite obviously a fusion of Twin Peaks meets the X Files via Trumps one man destruction of the ‘American Dream’ myth. To others it will be a damn fine comic book.

Like Something Is Killing the Children the art that accompanies the book blasts it into the stratosphere of great comics. I hear Martin Simmonds is an artist who has always been expected to produce a classic piece of art in a breakout book. He does here. It’s possibly influenced by Dave McKean or Bill Sienkiewicz but remains tight with draw dropping moments on at least three occasions in issue 1.

I hear this books has sold oodles and for once lives up to its early promise. I don’t know much but I know a good comic when I see one and this is on a par with some of the greats. I hope it can stay the distance.

….and that last page reveal….woah!

Issue 2 – ordered.

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