ComicScene Review: The Sentinel A Fare To Remember

The Sentinel’s latest Kickstarter has just finished and looks like we should expect another delivery soon. We’ve only just managed to read the latest, A Fare To Remember. The issue we have featuring a great cover by the always fabulous Hunt Emerson.

The Sentinel format is so good it’s a surprise no one thought about it before. Commando Comic / Starblazer in size it’s a great way to pass twenty or so minutes of your time. You get a complete story to boot!

Scriptwriter Alan Holloway provides another usual top notch romp. Part Ace Garp with the Taxi comedy TV series and Taxi Driver movie references thrown in for good measure. Alan provides easy narratives, good flow, great dialogue (easily read due to Ed Doyle’s lettering) and Paul Spence provides perfect art duties to suit the story. It’s a fun read and three copies of the Sentinel down and not one has disappointed.

The format also lends itself to flexibility of storylines and art styles and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Better hurry and get this, the meter is running!

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