ComicScene Annual writer goes Commando

There’s something for everyone in this brand-new set of Commando comics: from murder mysteries, tiny aircraft carriers, and a motley band of rogues, to a Science Fiction adventure! Commando issues
5371 – 5374 — out now!

5371: Home of Heroes: Five Little Soldier Boys
Three words: gothic, murder mystery. That enough of a hook? Issue 5371: ‘Five Little Soldier Boys’ is a Commando debut by war comic writer Colin Maxwell, who also writes and draws Captain Commando for the ComicScene Annual 2021! When a bunch of soldiers get lost in a storm in the French Alps, their only refuge is an eerie chateau isolated in the hills… only this isn’t a refuge — it’s a house of death! With gothic-esque art from Manuel Benet — the question is, will they survive the night?
| Story | Colin Maxwell | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover | Manuel Benet |
5372: Gold Collection: McGinty’s Mob
Classic Commando action in Issue 5372: ‘McGinty’s Mob’! McGinty and his ragtag band from the Pioneer Corps are on a demolition mission! When a gung-ho Major General who won’t take no for an answer marches up to McGinty and demands his help, McGinty puts together an outfit the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It’s all guns blazing in this Eric Hebden Commando from 1967 with art by Victor de la Fuente!
| Story | Eric Hebden | Art | Victor de la Fuente | Cover | Segrelles |
Originally Commando No. 279 (1967).
5373: Action and Adventure: Face of 1000 Heroes
Commando goes to the future in a rare Science Fiction comic in Issue 5373: ‘Face of 1000 Heroes’!
The year is 2104 and clone armies wage war in a bid for corporate supremacy, but when a battle against Atlantic pirates goes wrong the clone designated N4 is left damaged and changed forever.
Free from control, N4 is thirsty for liberation in the form of a corporate takedown! With amazing cover from artist Neil Roberts!
| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Muller and Klacik | Cover | Neil Roberts |
5374: Silver Collection: Convoy Patrol
You think your job is stressful? Try this on for size: taking off in a Fairey Swordfish from a miniscule aircraft carrier converted from a merchant ship — in the middle of the Atlantic! And if that wasn’t bad enough for Fleet Air Arm pilot, Paul Drayton, along with the constant raids from Folk-Wolf Kondors and the blasted weather , he’s also got fellow airmen trying to kill each other! Think I’ll stick
to my day job!
| Story | RA Montague | Art | Carmona | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1582 (1982).

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