Judge Dredd clears decks for 30th Anniversary Issue

We love sharing what we regard as modern classic Judge Dredd covers with you and we love this from Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague.

This latest issue of the Megazine is probably the first we might buy from an actual shop as lockdown restrictions begin across the U.K.!

There is an extra helping of Lawless and complete stories for Dredd, Devlin Waugh and the Black Museum as the Megazine clears the decks for Issue 424 and a 100 page Anniversary Issue.

The issue will include a new Dredd tale from John Wagner, Colin MacNeil and Dan Cornwell that returns to the legacy of America, Dreadnoughts by Mike Carroll and John Higgins, David Hine and Nick Percival on a new Dark Judges story, Deliverance the Returners by Si Spencer and Niccolo Assirelli, Megatropolis by Kim Niemand and Dave Taylor and Judge Anderson and Lawless stories too.

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