ComicScene Review: The 77 Issue 2

The 77 Issue 2 is out after another successful Kickstarter. The pressures off after that all important first Issue and now it’s time to have a little fun.

A stunning cover by Neil Sims who this time around illustrates a story from Roy of the Rovers and Scream former editor Barrie Tomlinson. It’s great to see people like Barrie, Bambos Georgiou and Steve MacManus contribute to this title. Steve lucky enough to have Charlie Gillespie on art duties, whose work stands out in this issue, and perhaps just a tease for a future title perhaps?

‘V’ is back (I always think the story could be another five pages longer to really get into it) and Mal Earl brings a Pat Mills vibe to the writing in ‘Prodigal’ in an accomplished story (is that a reference to Invasion in the opening panel?)

New story ‘Jericho 5’ has a US pulp comic feel to it and comes close to a perfect self contained 5 page story (alongside the Screaming Hand) that 2000AD did so well in its early days. There is good pacing between black and white and colour strips that doesn’t really jar and I’m sure enough science fiction elements to please the dedicated Galaxy’s Greatest Comic Fans who lap up stories like Division 77 and Gut Crawlers.

There isn’t a stand out character in Issue 2. No Judge Dredd (yet!). But I have to admit Lew Stringers ‘Sgt Shouty’ is coming close for me. A strip that fully captures the heart of the love people feel for British Comics that the ‘77 is making a good attempt at capturing.

The plan I hear is to go bi monthly that may make the wait between continuing stories a little more palatable but can add pressure on trying to maintain any level of quality and no doubt will mean a slight change to their kickstarter approach. Certainly braver than I if that’s the case. Let’s hope the team at the ‘77 remain ready to meet that challenge. On the evidence here I’m sure they are.

Pick up Issue 2 at GetMyComics.

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