We love coincidences

There are lots of great comics on Kickstarter and the Penned Guin have new book – it’s Coincidence!

Running 8/8/2020 through 31/8/2020 (inclusive) – register now.


The critically acclaimed comic strip the Penned Guin returns to print with “Coincidence” – an all new collection of the daily cartoons that appeared on-line through early 2020. The new book is packed with 100 pages of penguin laughs and giggles from the pen of creator Alan Henderson.

Who are we?

The Penned Guin comic strip features the fun antics of a funny group of penguins penned by writer/artist Alan Henderson. With family friendly humour for all, the daily webcomic has been running for over 7 years and appears on a variety of social media:

Tumblr    /    Facebook     /   Instagram    /   Twitter  

(in all cases just search @pennedguin)

The New Book

“Coincidence” is our new book pulls together around 180 of the daily comic strips, none of which have ever been in a printed edition before. We’ve been quite surprising by just how many people have asked why we chose the name we did for the new collection.

The A5 landscape book is 100 pages of black & white penguin humour featuring the puns, parodies, dad jokes and cringing gags you’ve come to expect from our penguin crew. In this outing the penguins stretch their legs with sport; meet some universal monsters; as well as dealing with schooling and learning.

Why crowdfund via Kickstarter for this book?

The Penned Guin has had several successful Kickstarter campaigns since 2017 – launching six books by this approach. All of which has enabled the penguins to ‘fly’ round the world, reaching all corners of the globe and even allowing us to make the statement “Germany loves funny penguins”.

The new book is offered through the same process to reach as wide an audience as possible. The funds raises all go towards the production of the book and getting it into the hands of the backers, with any excess used to enhance the delivery and keep the strips appearing on-line.

Why back the Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter offers a number of tiers for backers with the book available in digital and print formats.

The print version is offered at the discount price of just £6. You can also select tiers where you receive original art from the comic strips that appear in the book or even commission your own piece. You can also stock up on the Penned Guin back catalogue of books and art prints.

This time round the campaign also features your opportunity to get a limited edition t-shirt that will not be available through other means with the image of Che Guinvara.

What do people say about the Penned Guin?

“Makes me laugh in the way Calvin & Hobbes made me laugh” – Tony Foster, Publisher, ComicScene Magazine

“The daily strip is as much fun as any you’ll find in a newspaper with the collected editions ideal for dipping in and out.” – Tony Esmond, Awesome Comics Podcast / Co-founder of Tribute Press

“The Penned Guin stands shoulder to shoulder with the classics of the humour comic strip genre” – Tom Stewart, That Comic Smell Podcast

Where to find us

If you want to see more of the Penned Guin online check us out on social media:

Tumblr    /    Facebook     /   Instagram   /   Twitter

The new Kickstarter page will launch here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1136825457/the-penned-guin-coincidence

Alan Henderson and the Penned Guin in normal times can also be found at a number of comic conventions across the UK.

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