Circus DeNiro

Two children take their first steps down a dark path into a gothic adventure unlike any other. Prepare to enter Circus DeNiro, a new graphic novella from Michael Powell and Phil Elliott!

Circus DeNiro tells the story of twins Edgar and Elsa, two children who escape the sinister grip of their evil father only to find themselves in a terrifying new world. Join the twins as they run from their crumbling gothic pile headlong into magic, mystery and adventure in this new collaboration from Michael Powell and Phil Elliott, fresh from their success with The ’77. Circus DeNiro is both an epic tale of light versus the ultimate darkness and a familiar story of brothers and sisters, husbands and wives. If you enjoy the dark fantasy of The Sandman and Swamp Thing, the sense of adventure of Locke and Key and Paper Girls, fairy tales and Universal Monsters then “Circus DeNiro” is the book for you.

Writer Michael Powell creates the world of Circus NeDiro following collaborations with Phil Elliott in The ‘77 (The Last Man), the Comic Scene Summer Special (The Dummy) and the forthcoming Doctor Mondo’s Shock-a-Rama (Father’s Day) as well as writing Monsters for David Lloyd’s Ace’s Weekly. Michael is also writing the adventure strip Matilda Atkins and the Amulet of Destiny with Sarah Millman and is working with Mike Collins on I Know the Secret of the Alien

Phil Elliott has worked for most major comics publishers in the US and UK including Fantagraphics (Blite), Marvel (The Real Ghostbusters, Strip) and Rebellion (Judge Dredd: The Megazine). Phil’s work also includes The Rockpool Files (With Glenn Dakin), Lucifer (with Eddie Campbell), Demon Nic (with Paul Grist), Maxwell the Magic Cat (with Alan Moore) and his own epic Tales from Gimbley, recently collected as In His Cups.

The heavily-anticipated Circus DeNiro has many notable comics creators signed up to its pre-launch Facebook group including Emil Ferris (My Favourite Thing is Monsters), Rachel Ball (Wolf), Richard Piers Rayner (Road to Perdition), Steven Appleby (Dragman, The Guardian), Matthew Dooley (Flake) and Will Simpson (2000AD, lead story-board artist, Game of Thrones).

Circus DeNiro is a 44 page, black and white illustrated book (25-mm x 180mm) that will be launched on Kickstarter on the 31st of July, priced £5.

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