Comic Magazines aplenty!

Earlier this month we mentioned Hibernia’s ‘Fantastic Adventures’ was now available and a couple more comic magazines have been launched too, alongside usual titles like Spaceship Away 51 and the new Eagle Times taking a look at 80’s Eagle Annuals.

The fabulous team at Journey Planet have brought you another great FREE read about Battle Picture Weekly that can be picked up at their website here (and a great Carlos Ezquerra illustration on the cover). You can get AKA at our Comics Hub here. Also from the team that bought you Crikey! (recently reprinted in four volumes by ComicScene) a new bi monthly title called ‘Comics Unlimited’ is now available via Amazon. Plus later in the year Tripwire is due to make a return too!

Steve Holland, who produced Comic Collector/Comic World in the 1990s and now the Bear Alley website is talking about a new magazine, Alan Clark has just published Photographs & Images of Artists, Writers & Editors of 19th & 20th Century British Comic Papers and digital you can pick up PanelxPanel by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou monthly. Although not ‘publications’ as such both John Freeman’s Down The Tubes and Lew Stringer (particularly his Blimey blog) use the web as a great way to share comic information or articles on comics.

On another note ComicScene has made all 20 issues of our recent monthly magazine (distributed in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, Canada and the United States) available in digital as a reward alongside our new 100 Issue Partwork ‘History of Comics’. It’s on Kickstarter now. Pledging is a great way to start your unique collection and you can join the kickstarter here

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