Keaton to play Batman again?

Despite initial worries when Michael Keaton donned the Bat-suit in Tim Burton’s movie ‘Batman’ in the late 80’s fans have been clamouring for the comedic actor to replay the role – and it looks like they may have had their voices heard.

According to several sources Keaton is in talks to okay the Caped Crusader in the 2022 Flash movie starring Ezra Miller. The standalone Scarlet Speedster movie will be based on DCs Flashpoint. The film will feature several DC multiverses allowing for Keaton to play Batman once again despite Warner Bros. having a new Dark Knight with Twilight star Robert Pattison in the lead role.

All sounds to good to be true but it would be great if the movie bods realise the potential goldmine they have if they bring us the world of Frank Millers Dark Knight with Keaton in the role as an ageing Bruce Wayne/Batman. Hands up who would buy those wonderful toys from that movie!

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