Splank Annual 2020 available to download now

It’s ready, after a huge effort by a lot of great comic creators, Splank! Annual 2020 is available now. Put together by Northern Ireland small press publisher Peter Duncan it’s available as a free to download .pdf from www.getmycomics.com and as a slightly lower res .cbr file from the Splank! page on https://www.boxofrainmag.co.uk/splank/ , the site shared by Splank!, Cthulhu Kids and Sector 13.

Featuring never before seen material from Nigel Parkinson, Gary Whitlock and, Belfast’s own, Leslie Stannage – all from Beano. Plus a very special, brand new “Battle-style” text story from former 2000 AD editor, Steve MacManus.. and that’s just the start. The cover is by John Farrelly.

One hundred and sixty pages of comics and art, saying thank you to the staff and volunteers of the NHS (there is a justfunding page if anyone feels like making a contribution to the NHS Together Charity here) and asking comic fans to help support creators who are losing out on a large part of their income through the cancellation of cons and shows.

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