Dunkirk spirit at Commando

Brand new Commando issues 5335-5338 out soon! With dedicated reprints and special twin issues
with unique adjoining covers by Keith Burns, commemorating the 80 th Anniversary of the Dunkirk retreat!
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5335: Home of Heroes: Durand’s Dunkirk
Tank Commander Regis Durand and his crew are the very embodiment of the French’s fighting spirit — at least, he thinks so! At odds with his men about France’s hopes for success, Durand’s chance meeting with errant British privates Dodge and Hutton fuels his rage and determination to beat the Nazis. But fighting alongside Belgian Sergeant Willems makes Durand confront some deep truths, helping him find the real meaning of ‘fighting spirit’ before France is overcome by irrepressible blitzkrieg tactics. Preserving the lives of himself and other honourable men to one day free France is all that keeps Durand from blindly pursuing victory and certain death. A story interwoven with Dodger’s Dunkirk, Morhain and Defeo’s interior art is wonderfully complemented by Keith Burns’ interconnecting cover.
| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Morhain & Defeo | Cover | Keith Burns |

5336: Gold Collection: The Circus Went to War
You’ve heard of the Red Baron’s Flying Circus, but what about Frank Selby’s? Bailing out over France, the last thing the Pilot Officer expects is to find himself face-to-muzzle with a lion in the middle of the countryside, but that’s just how things go in this comedic caper, as troop entertainers Fanetti’s Circus try to escape to neutral territory. But when they part ways and think Frank may have been busted by a German patrol, the unlikely heroes go back to rescue him. With a flaming-hot escape plan, staggering stunts of heroism and show-stopping artwork by Ibanez, there’s something for everyone in this ‘circus’ of errors!
| Story | E. Hebden | Art | Ibanez | Cover | Penalva |
Originally Commando No. 774 (1973).

5337: Action and Adventure: Dodger’s Dunkirk
“We ain’t gonna be beaten. It’s just a few setbacks, is all.”
Private Tom ‘Dodger’ Dodge and his mate Ed Hutton arrive in France full of hope, only to swiftly find themselves being told to retreat. Absconding from his unit in defiance of those orders, Dodge soon runs into a French Tank Commander, Regis Durand, with the same fighting spirit as him! Refusing to fall back even in dire straits, a party of Belgians lead by Sergeant Willem convince Tom to return to his unit, learning the hard way what it means to run and fight another day. Told in parallel to Durand’s Dunkirk, these individual stories are connected by far more than Morhain and Defeo’s detailed interiors and Keith Burns’ stunning twin covers.
| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Morhain & Defeo | Cover | Keith Burns |

5338: Silver Collection: Proved in Battle
Lieutenant Bob Cullen is in the midst of a baptism of fire — leading a renowned platoon with Jerry
hard on their heels. Keeping morale up would have been tricky at the best of times, but Cullen is
leaning heavily on his capable Sergeant, Hugh Knight, and the men can see his uncertainty in
troubled times. Without strong leadership, troubled Private Simon Morgan eventually gives in to his cowardice and flees, straight into the suspicious sights of farmer, Paul Cartier. But there’s more to Cartier than meets the eye, and a strange tale from the Great War convinces Simon to redeem his
honour, helping relieve tensions between the British and French as the retreat gains momentum.
| Story | Anglo | Art | Anglo| Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1913 (1985).

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