Vince Hunt Art Director on SpaceWarp

Vince Hunt, host on the Awesome Comics Podcast and creator of Red Mask From Mars has announced he is the Art Director on Pat Mills forthcoming anthology Space Warp.

This follows a series of announcements including the involvement of GetMyComics (who work with us on ComicScene) and Philip Vaughan, Senior Lecturer in Comics (and former host of the ComicScene Podcast) interviewing some of the creators on Millsverse here.

Phil talks to Bruno Stahl about Jurassic Punx and James Newell on Slayer. All stories are written by Pat Mills who Phil also speaks to.

Cliff Cumber also commented on his spaceship artwork on the first ad to appear online for SpaceWarp too. This comes from an extra story in the comic called Branded.

SpaceWarp was mentioned in ComicScene last year as Mills questioned why U.K. comic publishers forgot the 8 to 12 year old market and comics that would appeal to kids and adults like early 2000AD. Writer William Proctor has interviewed Pat in a major interview for the 96 page ComicScene ‘State of Independent’s’ Yearbook 2020. Only available by pre order your can order now at Get My Comics or our own Indie Comics Hub here. As well as looking at the best in indie and small press comics the magazine takes a look at the ‘77 and other 2000AD inspired stripzines, the Warrior inspired Brawler, the new children’s space adventure comic The Spark, the new Shift anthology and Rebellions Tammy and Jinty and Action 2020.

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