Milford Green 52 page Victorian Alien Adventure Comic

Milford Green

Published in ComicScene issues 6 & 7 Milford Green is currently available in one 52 page Victorian alien adventure comic. You can order it in our new online shop here.

Milford Green is the first comic ComicScene launching in our new comic shop. Every Wednesday is New Comic Day. We introduce you to the best comics, comic magazines and books from some of the finest publishers, indie creators and comic journalists in our weekly Comic Book Club.

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Apart from winning “Prettiest Village in the British Empire, 1897” Milford Green is a normal village in the rolling hills of southern England. That is, until one summer’s evening, when Alfie Fairfield, a socially awkward inventor, sees some kind of flying vehicle shoot across the sky and crash land into a field. Being a curious fellow who is interested in any type of machinery. Alfie investigates to find out that we are not alone in this Universe. Milford Green is the complete one-shot story of what happened on that night in 1897. Price includes postage to UK only.

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