New Spaceship Away for 2019

The new Spaceship Away is available with a focus on artist Don Harley, who contributes the cover and back cover. Alan Vince begins a two part feature on the artist alongside some strips in the style of the original Eagle, such as Shakedown Cruise, with Dan and co.

You can order the quarterly Spaceship Away at

If you are a fan of The Eagle and Dan Dare you may wish to listen to the latest ComicScene Podcast where Richard Sheaf goes into detail about the history of the title, character and his creators. Episode 3, which includes an interview with Dan Dare writer Pat Mills, can be listened to here

Don’t forget Dan Dare the Compendium Issue is our ComicScene Book Club Book of the Fortnight. Also Richard Sheaf takes a closer look at Digby in Issue 2 of ComicScene alongside David MacDonald looking at Dan Dare reprints across the world. The magazine is available in shops from 21st March and is available to pre order at now.

One comment

  1. Spaceship Away is out three times in a year so it’s not quarterly. Would love it to increase to quarterly.


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