ComicScene UK Annual contents revealed

The full contents of the 320 pages of the Great Big ComicScene UK Annual 2019 have been revealed – order your copy in print or digital at
A mix of new and reprinted comic material from the last forty years, this ‘event’ book from the creators of ComicScene UK magazine, has been over a year in the making!
Capturing the spirit of former anthology Atomic and your favourite comic book annuals there is drama, humour, adventure and superhero stories from young talent, established artists, writers and the best in indie and small press creators.
A (very) small royalty is paid for each issue sold to the creators and reinvested back into ComicScene Magazine.
Order now and get the print and digital copy at the beginning of February.
Cover by Valentina Mozzo.
NEW Atomic – Tom Walbank
NEW The Girl With The Flowery Trousers – John Gordon Miller
NEW The Happy App – John Erasmus
NEW The Kids From Rec Road – Pete Doree
NEW Morfium – Mariusz Zawadski, Dismas & Tymoteusz Masiakowski
Here Comes Cat Stephens – Marc Jackson
The Clockwork Cavalier – Steve Tanner, Ed Machiovello & Bolt-01
The Life of Ethel Death – Cat Byrne
Ninja Monkey – By Paul Duncan and Mike Higgs
Hail to the Chief – Peter Duncan & Andrew Pawley
NEW The Zygons – Jim Wilkins
Lady Flintlock – Steve Tanner, Anthony Summey & Bolt -01
NEW Captain Scotland – Tom J Fraser, Valentina Mozzo & Jose Rodriguez Moto
NEW Christmas – Ruth Keattch
NEW War – Paul Bristow
Fantastic Life – Simon Fraser & Paul Duncan
NEW Suncrow – John Erasmus
REMASTERED The Two Dimensional Horror – Garry Marshall
NEW Bob The Robber and Drunk Genie – Drew Marr
Foxglove – Steve Tanner & David Morris
Goof – Marc Jackson, Emmeline Pidgen, Dean Rankine, Allison Steinfeld, Tor Freeman, Jim Boswell, Lew Stringer, Andreas Schuster, Mari Ahokoivu, Fulton Beal, Nick Brokenshire & Lorenzo Montatore
NEW Galactic Man – Claudia Doyle & Ed Doyle
The Girl With The Flowery Trousers – John Gordon Miller
The Gas Works Girls – John Gordon Miller
NEW To The Death – Simon Furman, Geoff Senior, & Martin Baines

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