ComicScene UK Review: Roy of the Rovers Graphic Novel

When Saturday came in the 80’s you would most likely find me in the comic shop rather than the football stands. But Roy of the Rovers was read by comic and followers of football, which is probably why the character has such a huge fan base, making Roy Race the ideal candidate for a 21st Century reboot.

Roy of the Rovers ‘Kick Off’ by Rob Williams and Ben Willsher does not disappoint. It has it all and shows that you can press the restart button and come up with something that is fresh, new and exciting with nods to a past that will keep older fans like myself happy.

It’s a beautiful formatted book, lovely crisp artwork, the right balance of youthful exuberance on an off the pitch, the soap opera elements that made Roy of the Rovers a must read in the 80’s and a build up to a double page spread that made me jump out of my armchair with a might ‘yesssssss!’ when it arrived (no spoilers!)

Great to see former comic characters Johnny ‘Hard Man’ Dexter and Kevin ‘Mighty’ Mouse featured too. I would advise everyone to pick up Tom Palmers novel ‘Scouted’ if you want to know the full back story leading up to this graphic novel, particularly about Roy’s family life. It’s there, but not in detail, as we get full on football pitch perfect action and goals galore!

I can’t fault this book. A great debut for Roy Race then. I hope Rebellion can get this in front of the fans who love football and those who we’re fans of Roy and Melchester Rovers. It will sell in the bucket loads.

Read more about the book in ComicScene UK issue 4

Roy of the Rovers Kick Off is available on Amazon and in Waterstones. See some preview pages and order online here.

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