Crikey! back in definitive four book collection from ComicScene UK

Crikey 1.jpg

Before ComicScene UK there was a magazine which ran for 16 issues and covered all aspects of UK comic industry.  It is remembered with much affection from comic fans and featured exceptional articles about UK comics during its run.

Now, by popular demand, Crikey! has risen from the ashes! 

Almost a decade since Crikey! finally appeared on the shelves as a regular magazine, publisher Glenn B Fleming has finally succumbed to the British comic reading public’s demand. Crikey! The Great British Comics Magazine will be re-printed in four A4 volumes, all featuring the best of Crikey! 

The four perfect bound books, produced in association with ComicScene UK, feature articles about your favourite British comics, your favourite Annuals and, of course, your favourite creators!

Volume 1 (Over 200 perfect bound pages) will contain the very best articles from issue #1 through to issue #5, including: Nutty Notions, My Comicy Saturday, Frank Bellamy, Don Lawrence, Ron Embleton, Adam Eterno, The Crikey! Chat, Lady Penelope, Andy Capp and lots more!

The other 3 volumes will appear bi monthly throughout the year and can be pre ordered at in print or pdf format.

Volume 4 will also boast the unpublished HUNDRED + Page Special, along with issues 15 and 16 of the regular magazine, with brand new articles and interviews.  The book will include an unpublished exclusive interview with none other than Bryan Talbot and his wife Mary!

The perfect bound print copy Crikey! Collected Volume 1, can be pre-ordered before 21st January 2019 for early February 2019 release date and is retailing at £20 each plus £5 postage.  

All 4 volumes are available pre order for £80 plus free postage. £35 for the complete set as PDF. For International postage costs, get in touch with at

Produced in association with ComicScene UK, this is probably the greatest happening in the world of British Comics for a decade and a definitive four volume collection of comic history for any comic fan bookshelf!

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