ComicScene UK announce Great Big ComicScene UK Annual 2019

to the death

ComicScene UK announce their first ‘event’ comic book today – the Great Big Comic Annual 2019.

The annual under the Christmas Tree has always been the perfect gift for comic fans across the UK and the publishers of ComicScene UK, the magazine about comics for all ages, is hoping to continue that tradition with this perfect bound 300 page ‘event’ comicbook.

The Great Big ComicScene Annual will feature a 40 page epic story ‘To The Death’ from Simon Furman, writer of the recent ‘The Vigilant’ from Rebellion, and Death’s Head and Dragon’s Claw co-creator Geoff Senior on art.

Publisher Tony Foster at said today, “What could be better for Christmas?  The perfect gift for any comic fan.  A 12 month subscription to ComicScene UK and a Christmas Annual too!  We wanted to capture the excitement of some of the best comic creators and material out there and surprise everyone with a substantial collection of great comic strips.”

Tony continued, “We are particularly excited about being able to bring you Simon Furman and Geoff Senior’s work on ‘To The Death’ in ‘widescreen’ format.  Hard hitting action fuelled storytelling and kinetic art adds to quite an eclectic mix of work over 300 pages, hopefully introducing you to try out some further work by all the creators involved.”

Other contributions are from top UK writers and artists, new talent, the best in small press action, adventure and humour comics and revisiting some material from the early 90’s anthology comic ‘Atomic’ with new chapters to classic stories.  More to be announced shortly.

The Great Big ComicScene UK Annual 2019 is available to pre order now at the ComicScene UK online shop, with £5 off until the end of September and will be delivered early December in time for the big day!

ComicScene UK magazine is published by  You can order copies or subscribe to the magazine at our online shop .  Comic Shops can order the magazine for you through Diamond Distribution.  The magazine is hoping to be in newsagents by the end of the year and you can contribute to the crowdfunder at . If you wish to contribute work to current and future projects e mail 

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