ComicScene UK Review. Allo Allo Sniper Elite!

It took a while but I managed to get my hands on the new Rebellion title ‘Sniper Elite Resistance’.

I’m not aware of the game and if I am brutally honest I never really read ‘Battle’ comic so approached this title with no preconceived ideas of what to expect – and I enjoyed it.

I’m a sucker for any war comic which has a German soldier in jeopardy say the immortal line ‘Gott in himmel!’ and within a few pages this doesn’t disappoint!

There is a mysterious female agent, a James Bond style operative, the French resistance, a twist in the tale and a fantastic cliff hanger in Sniper Elites fast paced 22 pages. Keith Richardson and Patrick Goddard bring you a simple and classic story that keeps you suitably entertained throughout.

I will be there for Issue 2 and look forward to the appearance of the infamous Rat Pack in Issue 3. Cracking stuff!

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