Why we published ComicScene UK


Tony Foster, Publisher of ComicScene UK

What encouraged this madness? Vinyl sales up again in 2017. That’s what inspired the magazine ‘ComicScene UK’.

50% research and 50% gut reaction that people wanted a magazine about comics.

Whenever I bought a record it was about carrying that purchase home, taking it out of the sleeve for the first time, checking the needle was clean and wouldn’t scratch the vinyl, reading the sleeve notes and lyrics while the LP was played again…and again…and again.

Then I’d go searching for the influences that helped inspire that record.

There’s plenty of choice for the artform – films, documentaries, books and magazines from Q to Mojo to Classic Pop and Rolling Stone.

But if you have an interest in comics, where do you go? Where is your voice?

There’s none, really. Except on the internet. You can follow your favourite writer or artist on social media.  Blogs, vlogs, podcasts, forums and websites. Hundreds of them. All of reasonable quality but slightly ironic, when you think about it.

Why should one of the most progressive printed mediums – that spurns some of the most lucrative film, merchandise and gaming industries – find itself without it’s own printed magazine in the UK?

So you can find out more. Learn more. Debate more. Explore more of the rich tapestry of comic books that exist today and in years gone by?

Our gut reaction is you’ve had a gaping hole in your heart that you didn’t even know you needed filling – so here it is.

‘ComicScene UK’.

We hope you will come away from each issue wondering what on earth you did without it for all these years. We also hope you will feel inclusive. That you will contribute
thoughts on what you’ve read. That it will take us off on a tangent together and you will inform future content by being part of a two way conversation about what you would
like to see covered and learn more about.

More importantly we hope you value us so much you’ll continue to subscribe. And convince a friend to subscribe. Without that we are nothing. Working together we succeed. And if we get enough subscriptions we will invest in providing comic workshops for young people. Creating a spark in a future comic book writer or artist.  Creating history together. Creating the next set of sleeve notes together. Creating that  next vinyl record. To play again…and again…and again…

In the coming issues we hope you will welcome revisiting old friends, through classic reprints of long forgotten comics or reconsider some colourful characters you were perhaps too long in the tooth to appreciate. We want to help lift the veil on aspects of comicdom that you are too young to remember or too old to quite understand. We want to light the fire of uncurling that front cover as carefully as possible and reading a brand new story that will entertain you for many years to come – or encourage you to boot up that tablet and see if you get why people go on about that particular character, writer, artist or want to revisit that story over and over again. If you want a selfie as
a Stormtrooper or skip off home with a sketch from your favourite artist this magazine will have something for you.

Is putting this together madness, particularly in an increasing ‘digital’ age?

Yes, probably.

When I started putting the magazine together I remember one of the first books I ever read.  Around the World in 80 Days, by Jules Verne. I read it before I even read my first comic book. I’ve never read it since. But I’ve watched (some of) the movies. I’ve read (some of) the comic book adaptations. There is now even an addictive and interactive visual novel / game where you become part of the 19th century setting trying to get around the world in ’80 days’. A new adventure, even if you don’t succeed the first time around. I loved that (coverless, I recall) book. And I’d love for someone to guide me through what that book went on to influence, giving me a new perspective, a new point of view.

That’s what ‘ComicScene UK’ is for.

I hope it doesn’t sound like a mad mission.

I hope we are around a little more than 80 days.

I hope you will be part of the adventure.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who encouraged us on the way thus far. To those who thought it was a good idea and kept us going. To those who promoted what we were doing. To everyone who wrote for us. To everyone who subscribed so far in advance.
And to everyone who reads ComicScene UK today and in the future.

I hope you enjoy it.

Let us know what you think at comicsceneuk@gmail.com, facebook or tweet us!

Kind regards,


Twitter @tonyf33

You can order ComicScene UK at http://www.comicscene.tictail.com

Track listing Issue 0, July 2018, 64 pages, £5.99

  • John Freeman (DownTheTubes, Doctor Who) on comic sales and success of the Beano
  • Richard Sheaf (Boys Adventure Comics) on the Many Face of Dan Dare
  • Benoit Peeters on How Comic Books Help Us To Relive Our Childhood
  • Stephen Jewell (SFX, Total Film, Megazine) on the Prisoner by Peter Milligan
  • Luke Williams on Digital v Print
  • Fred McNamara on Thunderbirds – Talons of the Eagle
  • Rufus Dayglo art gallery on Judge Cal censored art by Mick McMahon
  • Martin Dallard on Shiver and Shake
  • David Moloney (Great News For All Readers) on Valiant and Lion
  • Marc Jackson new strip Whakoman
  • Louise Saul on the Growth of Cosplay
  • John Wagner (co creator Judge Dredd) on how We Created Rok of the Reds
  • Ian Wheeler on Doctor Who The Cartmel Factor and 7th Doctor comic from Titan
  • Richard Bruton (Forbidden Planet blog) on 2000AD Free Comic Book Day issues
  • Tim Hayes on Batman Mask of the Phantasm at 25
  • Captain Scotland strip by Tom J Fraser, @JoseRedMota and @marshcaps
  • Deja Who by Jim Wilkins
  • John McShane on Toxic the Secret History Part One
  • Tim Pilcher on 30 Years of Deadline comic
  • Chris McAulay on A Beginners Guide to Tank Girl
  • Joel Meadow (Tripwire) Remembering Steve Dillon
  • Karl Stock (Thrill Power Overload) on Batman v Dredd
  • Tony Esmond (Awesome Comics Podcast) on Rachael Ball and Wolf
  • Steve Tanner on Flintlock
  • David Hathaway Price (FanScene) on Unicorn, The First Colour Cover on a UK Fanzine
  • Stephen Jewell on Apollo
  • Richard Sheaf on Collecting Roy of the Rovers
  • Pat Mills Last Word – Should Comic Characters Die With Their Creators?

Track listing Issue 1, August 2018, 80 pages £5.99

  • Why Doesn’t Someone Bring Back Eagle? by John Freeman
  • Professor Peabody from Dan Dare by Richard Sheaf
  • Unhidden Genders by Steve Tanner
  • Vertigo at 25 by Luke Williams
  • Karen Berger Interview by Joel Meadows
  • Emma Beeby Mata Hari by Karl Stock
  • Angels by Fred McNamara
  • The Vigilant by Stephen Jewell
  • Octobriana by Tim Hayes
  • Minnie the Mix by Martin Dallard
  • 40 years of Misty by Dr Julia Round
  • Untold History of Toxic Part 2 by John McShane
  • Supercats by Olivia Hicks (2000AD Sci Fi Special)
  • Whakoman
  • Slaine free 8 page supplement by Pat Mills
  • Cat Girl by Martin Dallard
  • Doctor Who companions by Ian Wheeler
  • Behind the scenes of the 2000AD Sci Fi Special by Richard Bruton
  • Judge Anderson by Chris McAulay
  • Fay Dalton by Chris McAulay
  • Liam Sharp on Wonder Woman by Stephen Jewell
  • Susie Gander by Tony Esmond
  • Sarah Laing by Stephen Jewell
  • Rachael Smith interview Part 1 by Richard Bruton
  • Captain Scotland
  • Kids from Rec Road by Peter Doree
  • Marie Duval by Richard Sheaf
  • Velda by Olivia Hicks
  • Bella at the Bar by Chris McAulay
  • Yvonne Hutton on Roy of the Rovers by Richard Sheaf
  • 50 years of ComicCon by Richard Bruton
  • Pat Mills Last Word on the Death of the Pink Plastic Princess – Girls Comics revisited.
  • Next Issue Beano at 80

Order your copies now or subscribe in print or digital at http://www.comicscene.tictail.com

Copies can also be purchased and ordered at Forbidden Planet, Gosh Comics, OK Comics, Gnash Comics, First Age Comics and picked up at the Cartoon Museum London. 





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