2000AD Sci-Fi Special ComicScene UK Review

The 2000AD Sci Fi Special is out today and we go behind the scenes of this all women creator special in the first monthly issue of ComicScene UK. That issue will be a celebration of women creators, characters and girls comics and even at 72 pages we only scratch at the surface of who and what is out there. Order it at http://www.comicscene.tictail.com

Irrespective of the gender of the creators, as a reader you just want a good read. I love a Summer Special at the best of times and this is of particular interest.

Despite using familiar characters this Prog had an indie anthology vibe to it which I found rather refreshing. This may be a combination of seasoned creative artists alongside some new talent. My only grumble would be some narratives took huge leaps of faith with my limited attention span and some of the stories I felt could have done with being a little longer in length to avoid that.

Of course I’d just read the bumper ‘Sabrina’ book beforehand and been working my way through the hefty ‘Charley’s War’. So that view may change when I reread afresh on a beach in the sunshine, chatting about it with the family who I hope will all take a look.

All in all I did get a sense of fun and enjoyment of mixing it up in this years Sci Fi Special (as Rebellion did for their Free Comic Day 2000AD) and if that gets us talking about comics we are all the better for it. Good job!

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