Hundreds subscribe to ComicScene UK six weeks BEFORE launch of magazine!


Subscribers to ComicScene UK print edition are into the hundreds – six weeks before the launch of the magazine on 1st May! 

ComicScene UK now have their own website for subscribers here.

Early numbers suggest, despite not having seen a copy, that die-hard comic fans are putting their support behind the venture with many taking out six to twelve month subscriptions.  The magazine has attracted several top writers and comic creators for the launch issue.  The magazine is available by subscription only and further details can be found at the end of this article.

Tony Foster, Publisher of the new title, said today, “In just thirty days since we announced the 1st May launch date the support for the magazine has been quite overwhelming.  People are happy there is a magazine about comics again for them!  We believe there are about 10,000 serious comic fans in the UK who this magazine will appeal to.  We only need a fifth of that to sustain the magazine and if the support continues fans working with us will get that.  ComicScene UK will also provide an introduction for new fans who have discovered comic characters through current comics, classic boy and girl comic reprints, TV, movies, video games, social media, blogs, vlogs, kickstarter campaigns, dressing up or their parents collection in the attic!  After reading each issue we hope everyone will learn something new or consider trying out a new title they may never have considered before.”

“We have over twenty writers and their features are well written and engaging.  The magazine is being designed by a top marketing agency based in Scotland, and it looks completely different from what you’ve seen before.  Many of our writers have seen page mock ups and are delighted with the results.  There is a real love for the comics medium on every page.  It’s quite exciting. ”

Tony insists the venture is more than a magazine, “Subscribers are investing in providing comic workshops for young people and adults.  We hope to have 20 a year, conducted by top professional artists, who may inspire the creators of tomorrow.  Again comic fans are supporting that in the cost of the magazine.”

Tony continues, “It’s starting to feel like being part of  a classic ‘comic club’ – supporting the monthly magazine and investing in the comic workshops is just part of the membership.  As most of our readers are subscribing  by mail we can also send them comic freebies, samples, invites and exclusive offers.  Already new 12 month subscribers via the tictail shop are getting an advance digital copy of the magazine before it launches on 1st May and a free digital copy of the reproduced 2000AD AKA Tapes, the originals of which are selling for over £40 on ebay.  Our readers will also inform future content of the magazine for our top team of professional writers to cover. There will be lots of surprises to come and that will be guided by those who support us!”

Early indications suggest the support is there, and we at ComicsFlix Towers couldn’t be happier!

ComicScene UK recently announced a digital version of the magazine will be available in response to requests from fans in the UK and interest from readers in the US, Europe and worldwide.  There are also a number of new subscription offers from £5 to tie in with the print and digital editions as well as worldwide subscription offers.

You can get a 12 month subscription, including an advance pdf copy of the magazine and a pdf of the AKA Tapes via the tictal shop here.

All subscriber options can be found here.

A preview of the launch issue content can be found here.

Advertisers and publishers can contact ComicsScene UK for a copy of their introductory ad rates by e mailing

Contributions to the magazine and media requests please e mail





AKA Tapes

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