ComicScene UK writers 2: Richard Sheaf covers Dan Dare and Roy of the Rovers

IMG_2559 (1)

Each month in ComicScene UK we will be featuring classic and new Dan Dare and Eagle.  We will also be following the new adventures of Roy of the Rovers and sports comics.  Heading up our coverage is writer Richard Sheaf.

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Frustrated at not having enough time to write long comic articles, his Boys Adventure Comic blog ( grew out of a desire to share a love of boys comics, and items from his collection, with a wider audience. ComicScene UK is now the place for those longer essays.

Despite being 42 years old Richard is still one of the youngest members of the Eagle Society and it was their journal Eagle Times (which has now been running for 30+ years) that gave him his first taste of comics fandom in the UK.

An occasional contributor to Down the Tubes, Eagle Times and Bear Alley, Richard is interested primarily in Dan Dare (and the original Eagle), boys comics of the 1980s and ’90’s, comic fanzines and the history of British comics generally.

A shoutout out to his lovely wife and children who all know that most of the post we get is old comics but who still love him.

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