ComicScene UK writers 1: John Freeman of DownTheTubes

We have a top team of writers for ‘ComicScene UK’ and we’d like introduce them to you.  First up is John Freeman, who produces the downthetubes website and will be contributing to our news features and column pieces.

John Freeman

John Freeman has been a comics editor and writer for over 30 years, starting his career as designer and editor on Doctor Who Magazine and working on the “Genesis 1992” comics including Death’s Head II and Warheads. His numerous credits also include editing Star Trek Magazine and Babylon 5 Magazine for Titan Magazines; running the Lancaster Literature Festival; and publishing the downthetubes comics web site for 20 years, primarily focusing on British comics but other cult media, too.

Working toward developing comics for mobile since 2002, he was editor and writer at ROK Comics, which published numerous digital audio comics including The Beatles Story and Team MOBILE, was editor of STRIP Magazine and has more recently edited Doctor Who titles and Lost Fleet – Corsair for Titan Comics.

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