Dan Dare articles on the web

To celebrate the release of a new Dan Dare com is this week we are replacing our regular media review for links to websites and features about the Pilot of the Future.  These are just highlights – as you go along you can explore more. Join us – to infinity, and beyond….

Flying the flag for several years we think we should start with Spaceship Away

There are a couple of websites to check too including Dan Dare .com and Dan dare.org or Dan Dare .net

Other links and details of Dan can be found on this site. The links are below the article – there are quite a few to get through.

Details of the new audio adventures are here.

Dan also can be found on Wikipedia

The Guardian newspaper has a Dan Dare Gallery

From Down The Tubes site, put together by John Freeman, there is news of the new Titan reprint album and a guide to all their Dan Dare books. Dan is also profiled in he same site. There is also an updated version of the article on the list Dan Dare TV series here.

You can also find the link to more Down The Tubes articles and further links at the Dan Dare.net site.

An interesting feature can also be found on the BBC

An article on the Dan Dare museum can be found here.

Finally we’d like to see reprints of the 1980’s Eagle comics Dan Dare – particularly the stories drawn by Ian Kennedy.  There is a great feature about his Eagle covers on the Blimey Blog by Lew Stringer. There is also an 80’s Eagle Issue 1 retrospective at Infinite Frontiers website here.

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